Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning for Dogs

Nail trimming and ear cleaning are an important part of your dog’s grooming routine. This is a great time to assess the health of yours dogs skin, nails and become aware of any new lumps or injuries.

How often should I cut my dog’s nails?

We recommend trimming your dog’s nails, every 4 to 6 weeks. Regular nail trimming helps to keep the quick (the blood supply to the nail) short, which prevents the nails from becoming overgrown. Some dogs will naturally wear their nails down and may not require trimming as frequently. If left too long, nails can grow into your dog’s paw pads, which can be painful and become infected.

How often should I get my dog’s ears cleaned?

This varies based the anatomy of your dog’s ears and their lifestyle. For most dogs, once every two weeks is adequate. Dogs who have heavy, floppy ears, swim regularly or those prone to allergies or ear infections will need their ears cleaned more frequently. It is important to use an ear cleaner specifically for animals.

What are some of the ear cleaning services that you provide?

We can assist you with cleaning your dog’s ears and can show you how to do so at home. Proper ear hygiene can help to prevent ear infections and allow you to be familiar with what is normal for your dog. Please contact Cumberland Veterinary Clinic if you are not sure how to properly clean the ears, or how often it is required.

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