Optimum Care for Cats

It’s well known that good preventive health care for pets makes a big difference in their lives. The Optimum Care program is designed to reduce the cost of pet ownership by providing routine care to reduce the risk of disease through early detection.

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Optimum Care is a program of preventive health care plans specifically designed for your cats and dogs. The program takes a group of core services and offers them at a discounted rate. Plan members pay through annual or monthly payments, making budgeting for a pet’s health care needs easier and more convenient.

No. Pet insurance is designed to protect against your pet’s unexpected accidents and illnesses. Our plans provide optimal wellness healthcare for your pet, based on their lifestyle and needs. The plan allows you to spread payments over a 12 month period while providing you with excellent value, special pricing and discounts.

The enrollment fee and first monthly payment are due at the time of sign-up. You just need to read and sign a simple contract and fill out and sign a document that permits the monthly withdrawals from your bank account by debit, or charges to your credit card

Yes. You can choose to pay for the plan in its entirety (including enrollment fee) at the time you sign up. You will be notified proactively as your plan comes up for renewal. You can continue with the existing plan or a new plan where you can elect to do a lump sum payment for the year again or go to the monthly option if you prefer.

You can change from the Basic to the Enhanced Plan any time during the year – a change from Enhanced to Basic needs to occur at the year anniversary date.

We will contact you approximately 30 days before the plan is due for renewal. Plans not renewed within 30 days of the previous plan expiring will require the enrolment fee to be applied.

Yes. Our hospital requires appointments so we can provide excellent service to all our clients and patients. For our plan members, you are more than welcome to contact us about “day-stay appointments”, where you leave your pet with us for the day or portion of the day at no additional charge.

Your second pet will receive a 50% discount off the enrolment fee. Any additional pets have no enrolment fee upon signing up for the plans.

In these circumstances, you are welcome to pay the difference between the out-of-plan costs of the services used to date, and the total monthly instalments paid.

Losing a pet is very emotional. We understand this and will consider the plan paid in full, with no further payment required.