Why Should I Buy Senior Cat Food?

As cats age, most of them will develop disorders and age-related conditions. Senior cat foods can help manage or delay the onset of many of these issues. Below we look at a few of these issues and how feeding a senior formula will help your cat through their senior years.

Issue: Age-related muscle loss

  • How a senior diet will help: Senior diets contain adequate high-quality protein that is highly digestible to help maintain lean muscle mass. Many will also include increased leucine which is an amino acid necessary for muscle building.

Issue: Digestion issues and poor appetite

  • How a senior diet will help: Senior diets contain a mixture of fibres to increase the quality of bowel movements while decreasing the amount. Many include prebiotics to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria over harmful types of bacteria in the digestive tract. Most senior diets are made in different shapes and have enticing flavours and smells to increase interest.

Issue: Decreased cognitive function (brain health)

  • How a senior diet will help: Some senior diets are supplemented with amino acids, L-tryptophan and phospholipids to help improve brain function and increase serotonin levels.

Issue: Joint pain/arthritis

  • How a senior diet will help: Omega 3 fatty acids, glucosamine and chondroitin are added in higher amounts than adult diets to help decrease inflammation and reduce the destruction of cartilage in the joints. Some diets also include green-lipped mussel and other nutrients that have also been shown to help with arthritis.

Owners often tell us their cat is ‘like a young cat again’ after starting a senior diet due to the changes in behaviour and increased energy they have. At Cumberland Veterinary Clinic, October and November are Senior Focus months. We are promoting senior wellness and have related promotions until the end of November.

Contact us for a diet recommendation for your pet or with any questions you may have. You can visit us at the clinic or call (306) 373-3500.

Written by Kaila Montgomerie, RVT