Road Salt: Dangerous for Your Pet?

Well, winter has arrived and with it the lovely winter driving we all look forward to! Many cities and towns use chemicals or road salts to melt the ice and make our roads a little easier to drive on. If you’re an avid winter walker, your dog is likely to be walking through or even eating these products!

The most common and thankfully very minor issue when dealing with road salt is irritation of the paws. When the paws get exposed to the chemicals, it can get trapped between the pads and result in inflammation. You can prevent this by wiping off your pet’s feet after a walk with some warm water – this should wash away most if not all of the salty residue. Always wipe their feet dry after. Boots will also prevent the salt from reaching your dog’s feet! If your pet happens to lick between their paw pads and cause irritation, please give us a call as this can be very uncomfortable for your pet!

If your pet happens to lick a bit of the chemical off their pads, it’s usually not a big deal. If they have eaten small amounts, they will usually end up with some vomiting or diarrhea. If however, they have eaten a large amount, this can be quite serious! Please call the clinic if you are at all concerned with the amount they have eaten!

So bundle up and get out there to enjoy winter with your furry friends!


Written by Raeanne Boyd, RVT