Ticks can be a problem for cats who go outdoors. Indoor cats can be exposed to ticks if they come into the house on you, your clothing or another pet in the household.

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What are ticks?

Ticks are an external parasite that is very present in Saskatchewan. They are an 8 legged insect that will burrow their head beneath the surface of the skin.

How do ticks harm cats?

Ticks can be harmful if they are carrying diseases. There are certain types of ticks that are of concern and we have a very small percentage of these within Saskatchewan. Most cats are diligent groomers and will remove ticks from themselves before we even notice that they are there. If your cat does have a tick attached you can remove it yourself by grasping its body and pulling straight out or we can remove it for you.

Why is treating and preventing ticks so important?

Tick prevention can be considered for cats that spend a lot of time outdoors in areas that have long grass or are heavily wooded. There are certain preventative products that can be harmful to your cat so it is important to exercise caution when choosing a product. Ticks preventative products made for your dog are not safe and should never be given to your cat. Please contact Cumberland Veterinary Clinic if you feel your cat may be in need of a tick preventative.

What are some simple steps for treating ticks in your senior cat?

The best way to treat is by checking your cat for ticks and removing them if necessary. There are preventative products available that are safe for your senior cat.

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