Bloodwork gives us information about the inner workings of your dog or cat’s body. Without it, we wouldn’t have insight into important information like anemia, hydration levels, immune system health and more. Depending on your dog or cat, we recommend bloodwork at least once a year to get a baseline of their health. To schedule yours, contact us at 306-373-3500.

How is bloodwork beneficial for my dog/cat?

Different chemicals in your dog/cat’s blood can tell us information about the health of different parts of their body. For example, if your cat has low albumin levels, this deficiency could signal issues with their liver. This would prompt our veterinary team to perform more testing to determine potential intestinal conditions or diseases. Bloodwork can also tell us about how well your dog or cat’s immune system is responding to potential threats. With the help of a complete blood count (CBC), we can determine the number of white blood cells they have, which are like the body’s defense system against harmful infections and diseases.

Does my dog/cat need to prepare for bloodwork?

Depending on the type of bloodwork we’ll be performing, we’ll provide you with detailed instructions to help your dog/cat prepare for their appointment. Something as simple as a dog or cat eating before their appointment could skew test results. Routine bloodwork and special tests require different types of preparation. Routine bloodwork usually includes tests like a CBC, which gives us a general picture of your dog or cat’s health. To prepare, we usually recommend the following before their appointment:

  • Gentle fasting, including not eating at least six hours before
  • Staying well hydrated
  • Avoiding physical activity
  • Reducing stress and anxieties
  • Keeping them on a leash or in a carrier