At some point in time, your dog or cat will likely have a skin condition. Though it can be tempting to treat these issues with over-the-counter medication or at-home remedies, these treatments often don’t address the root cause of issues. Instead, book your dog or cat a dermatology appointment at 306-373-3500, so our team can effectively treat the issue.

Why are dogs and cats prone to skin conditions?

A dog or cat’s skin is exposed to the elements, which makes them susceptible to a range of parasites and environmental irritants that can trigger skin issues. In some cases, skin conditions can be a symptom of underlying conditions. If a dog or cat parent treats the symptom (skin issue) without addressing the underlying condition, their well-intentioned actions could cause more issues in the long run. To catch skin conditions early on, you should regularly inspect your dog or cat for any abnormalities. Common signs of a skin condition we often see in dogs/cats include:

  • Red bumps
  • Scabs
  • Dry skin
  • Biting or licking at sin
  • Skin sores

What causes skin conditions?

In some cases, parasites like ringworms, ticks and fleas can cause skin issues. When these parasites come into contact with your dog or cat’s skin, it can trigger a reaction like itching, red bumps or irritation. If your dog or cat has allergies, environmental irritants like pollen or dust can also cause skin conditions. If your dog or cat unknowingly eats food they are allergic to, including wheat or protein, they could develop a skin condition.

Are skin conditions preventable?

Though it’s impossible to prevent your dog or cat from being exposed to the elements, one way to protect their skin is with regular grooming. Grooming not only keeps your dog or cat looking their best but creates a less favourable environment for parasites. Taking parasites preventives can also protect against harmful pests that impact your dog or cat’s health. It’s also important to be mindful of any sudden changes in their environment or diet that can trigger skin conditions.