Dental disease affects a large percentage of dogs and cats. It can be painful and negatively impact their overall health. Some symptoms include bad breath, excessive drooling, changes in eating habits, pawing at the face or mouth and red or swollen gums. We provide complete and thorough dental services to treat and prevent dental disease.

Why is oral and dental health important?

Dental disease is painful and negatively impacts your dog’s overall health. It can affect their quality of life by causing discomfort when eating, playing or grooming. Some cats and dogs can have a genetic predisposition for poor dental health. For example, cat breeds like Persians can be predisposed to dental disease due to crowding in their mouth. Feline tooth resorption also affects many cats. Affected cats will develop lesions in the enamel of the tooth at the gum line, which are very painful. The only treatment is to have the affected teeth removed. Routine dental procedures are the best way for your dog/cat to maintain their oral health.

What types of dental care do you offer for cats and dogs?

We offer a wide range of dental services, such as consultations with our technicians, tooth brushing demonstrations and we have several oral health products available for purchase. We take pride in providing your pet with the highest quality dental procedure as possible. During a dental procedure, your dog or cat will be required to go under general anesthetic. They will receive a complete dental procedure equivalent to what we would receive at the dentist. This will include full mouth X-rays, cleaning, polishing, fluoride treatment and extractions if required.

How often should you brush your cat or dog’s teeth?

Daily brushing is the gold standard for plaque control. However, we understand that this can be difficult to do. Try to aim for every other day if daily brushing is not possible. There are many products available to maintain your dog or cat’s oral health, such as dental diets, chews, oral rinses, water additives and gels. Please contact us at 306-373-3500, if you would like a tooth brushing demonstration and to determine a dental home care plan that works for you and your dog/cat.