Euthanasia is never an easy decision. We want to ensure you feel supported and have a deep understanding of what to expect with the procedure. Whether you need sound medical advice about your dog or cat’s condition or need support during this transition, our veterinary team is here to assist you during this difficult time.

What is pet euthanasia and how do I know when it’s the right time?

Euthanasia literally means kind death. Euthanasia is intended to support dogs and cats by peacefully ending their lives when there is little or no hope of recovery from illness or injury. The decision to euthanize is also impacted by your dog or cat’s quality of life. The bond between you and your cat or dog is very strong, so the decision to euthanize can be difficult. We are here to help. We do our best to provide you and your dog/cat with a peaceful atmosphere to make this experience as comfortable as possible. We also facilitate all of the necessary aftercare and have several cremation options available.

What happens during euthanasia?

During euthanasia, we will place an intravenous catheter in one of their front legs. This will allow the veterinarian to have easy access to their vein in order to inject the medication used for euthanasia. This medication does not cause any discomfort. We do our best to provide a peaceful atmosphere to make this process as comfortable as possible for you and your dog/cat. You are more than welcome to stay with them during the procedure, but it’s not necessary if you don’t feel comfortable.

Does the clinic also provide bereavement counselling?

We do not provide bereavement counselling. If you feel you require this service, we can refer you to a pet loss support group. If you’re interested in learning more about the available support we have for dog/cat families navigating euthanasia, please contact us at 306-373-3500.