veterinary exam

Routine veterinary exams are a routine part of maintaining your cat or dog’s health and wellness. Since cats and dogs age at such a rapid rate in comparison to humans, changes in their bodies and health can happen very quickly. When we’re able to detect health concerns early on, we’re able to provide more effective treatment.

What’s the purpose of a veterinary exam?

Veterinary exams are an opportunity for pet parents and our veterinary team to collaborate on strategies they can use to support your dog or cat’s health. You are encouraged to share any new observations, questions or concerns about your cat or dog during the appointment. Even seemingly small pieces of information could support a diagnosis of a health concern in its early stages. Our veterinary team will add to your dog or cat’s existing medical history, making note of their weight, diet, exercise, behaviour, lifestyle and more. Based on this information, our veterinary team will make recommendations on strategies and procedures that best support your dog or cat’s health.

What do healthy dogs/cats need veterinary?

Even seemingly healthy dogs and cats can benefit from veterinary exams. Vital information about ways to support your dog or cat’s health are shared during routine appointments. Also, dogs and cats instinctively tend to hide any signs of pain or illness. The best way to confirm your dog or cat’s health is with a routine veterinary exam. We recommend yearly visits for adult dogs and cats, whereas puppies, kittens and senior dogs/cats will need more frequent visits. To book your dog or cat’s next veterinary exam, please contact us at 306-373-3500.