Lying dog sticking its tongue out and a veterinarian sitting behind

Pet obesity continues to be a growing problem, with a 2015 study estimating that more than half of all dogs and cats are considered to be overweight or obese. Being overweight can cause health issues for your dog and affect their overall quality of life. Our veterinary team can provide an individualized weight management plan to support your dog or cat’s weight loss.

When is a cat or dog considered to be overweight?

It can be hard to recognize when your dog or cat is overweight since weight gain that happens gradually isn’t often noticeable. Our veterinary team can do an evaluation of your dog or cat’s body condition score to determine they’re overweight. For example, if your cat/dog’s ribs are hard to feel or they have lost definition in their waistline, they would be considered overweight. Also, some dog breeds are more genetically predisposed for obesity such as Dachshunds, Golden/Labrador Retrievers and Beagles.

Why should I have a weight management consultation at the clinic?

Obesity causes added stress to your cat or dog’s joints and can put them more at risk for developing certain diseases. However, it can be avoided or treated through proper nutrition and exercise. Weight loss programs need to be directed and monitored by our veterinary team to ensure your dog or cat is losing weight in safe and effective ways. We can provide you with a diet plan formulated specifically for your cat or dog’s lifestyle and calorie needs.

How can my cat or dog lose weight?

The first step is to have a nutritional consultation. It is important to know a current weight and then determine an ideal weight before getting started. Weight loss diets and controlling daily calorie consumption are vital to weight loss success. Increasing activity will help your cat or dog to burn calories and regain muscle strength. Laser pointers, longer walks, less treats and food balls work well for many cats and dogs. Please contact us for more tips on how to get your cat active at 306-373-3500.