Blog: Pet Safety

Dog and cat wearing Santa hats

Dangers of Holiday Plants

During the holiday’s many homes are decorated with Christmas trees and various holiday plants. Some of these can be very toxic to our pets.


Prepare for Poison Prevention Week!

Safety proofing your house for a four-legged friend is essential and knowing what to look out for is critical!

dog in car

Leaving Pets in Cars During The Summer

Summer is here! Now that the nice weather has finally arrived, everyone and their pets are out looking to soak up the sunshine. Whether you are travelling to the beach, dog park, or just around the city, it’s important to remember issues with leaving your pets in the vehicle.

driving with pets

Safe Care Rides

Just as you should always wear a seatbelt in the car to protect yourself in case of a collision, your pet should also be properly restrained while in a vehicle. This means properly securing them with a harness or confined to a carrier.