Blog: Pet Safety


Easter Hazards for Your Pet

There are a few common Easter items that are dangerous for your pets. Their risk of damage ranges from gastrointestinal illness to death depending on the item, the size of the pet and the amount that is consumed.


Valentine’s Day & Your Pets!

While you are busy enjoying chocolates from your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, remember to keep them away from the other loves in your life…the four-legged ones!

Dog wearing a Santa hat

Holiday Hazards

It’s the most wonderful time of the year until your pet ingests some tinsel or decides to drink the Christmas tree water. Keep your furry friends away from these items to ensure a merry holiday season for all.


Warm Weather Dangers for Pets

Plants There are many plant varieties that are toxic to our pets if consumed. Symptoms range from mild (sore throat, vomiting) to extreme (organ failure, death). The ASPCA has great lists of toxic plants that include all common and scientific names of each plant. Plants toxic to cats, Plants toxic to...